Our Services

At Firmtec, we believe not only in offering the best baking and confectionery solutions for your business, but also to realise your dreams and satisfy your passion. As your business grows, you will require different kinds of solutions in order to fully maximise and capitalise on the opportunities that are presented to you. Our company will help you achieve these goals. Be a part of the Firmtec family, and let us fulfil your passion for success.



Firmtec specialises in delivering baking and confectionery automated turnkey solutions. Our solutions are comprehensive and customised specifically to suit your needs. We will assist you by fine tuning your idea and ensuring that it is within your financial and production capability.


Our experience within the industry qualifies us to give you expert advice on matters related to baking and confectionery. We can assist you with matters regarding equipment selection, factory layout design and utilities and ROI. We also provide consultation to those who already own and wish to expand their bakery or confectionery businesses.


Knowing who to invest in is important to all investors. Our understanding of the industry and its players allows us to accurately advise potential investors to make the right investment choices.


Our service includes acquiring the proper machinery required by your business to maximise production capacity. We can also assist with the installation of equipment. Most of the equipment is fully automated and operational training is included to work the machinery. Re-training is also offered for new staff.


The company’s involvement does not end at the implementation stage. We continue to offer our assistance by providing regular maintenance schedules for your baking/confectionery equipment to keep the production line flowing smoothly.  Spare parts are also available if needed.  Technical assistance is also available beyond the completion of the project.