Confectionery Machinery



Experts in handling and dosage systems, ESTEVE provides storage silos, premixing plants, conveying technologies, liquid handling equipment, in-line and off-line dosage and sieving. Their entire line is fully automated for ease of use.


BOSCH Processing Technology (Makat, Togum, Sapal)

With decades of experience in the industry, BOSCH Packaging Technology has developed a wide range of state-of-the-art fully automated confectionery producing machineries. These machines are durable and efficient. The BOSCH range of capabilities:

  • Hard or Soft Candy
  • Chewy Candy
  • Cooking and Mogul for Gummy Production Line
  • Chewy Gum
  • Bar Production Line
  • Special products line fondant, nougat, milk candy, etc.



The HAAS Monodomix range of mixers are sturdy, generates minimal noise and that can be fed manually or automatically.  It features adjustable mixing and kneading times with variable speeds and tools.


BOSCH Packaging Technology

Another addition to the BOSCH family, BOSCH Packaging Technology has developed an advanced range of fully automated packaging machineries to perform the following tasks:

  • Wrap, Fold or Vertical Packaging Solution


Pompeo Catelli Drying Room 

These drying rooms can process all confectionery products. The rooms are built to minimise heat loss. All rooms come with ducts to promote ventilation, a ventilator to extract humidity during the drying phase and a control panel for automatic/manual control. There are also air conditioning chambers for gelatine and pectin based products. The Pompeo Catelli drying rooms achieves a shorter drying time compared to a traditional system.


CME Starch Trays

CME Starch Trays come with custom designs. Its seamless construction (FDA Approved) prevents bacterial contamination and the Ultra Strength Tray comes with unbreakable mogul jams which completely eliminate contamination concerns.