Pastry / Flatbread / Pie



VMI is a mixer specialist. Their mixers are carefully engineered using the latest technology. The heavy duty mixers are available in a wide range of models to fulfill industrial needs.



Rademaker is one of the front runners of the Food Processing Industry. With years of experiences in the field, they have engineered technologies and machines to provide solutions to any bakery needs. Rademaker has a wide range of production lines provide you with the most suitable solutions:

  • Sigma Laminator
  • Make up Line
  • Croissant Lines
  • Crusto Bread Line
  • Pie and Quiche Line
  • Depositors
  • Local Specialties
  • Handling
  • Used Machines



The tunnel rack oven system is a modular system in which a wide variety of food products can be produced (such as bread, pastry, cakes and cookies). Because of its modular design, the system is highly flexible, so multiple types of products, each with own required process steps, can be produced on one line.



NewCap is specialists in designing and manufacturing flexible solutions of the conveyor belt system for industrial bakeries. All NewCap’s production lines are tailored to their customers. Specialized in turnkey handling for :

  • Toast/Pan Bread
  • Bun and Rolls
  • Artisan Bread



Nobody guarantees reliability for bakeries as much as KOMA does. Koma extensive product portfolio consists of both stand-alone and central installations. They make sure that you can cool and condition your products, without risk, without interruption, and at the lowest possible cost. And you can be sure that your products are of the same high quality. Every time. Every production run. Koma installations:

  • Cabinet systems
  • Blastfreeze installations
  • Chillers
  • Recovery systems
  • Conditioning systems
  • Proofers


GHD Hartmann

GHD Hartmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and systems for the cutting and packaging of baked goods and foodstuffs. The machines manufactured by Hartmann are equipped individually to the specific requirements of the customer.

Hartmann is also well known for their many combinations consisting of inhouse slicers and packing machines. One of the popular combinations are SL30+GBK220 where the customer gets the best performance of both segments; Fully automatic band slicer for toast/mixed rye bread and GBK packaging machine for whole loaves and sliced loaves.

The mature technology of the Hartmann machines guarantees high performance and flexibility for future automation. This has made Hartmann one of the major names in the slicing and packaging industry.

SR Pack

SR Pack continually meets the technical and hygienic requirements of a demanding industry automation – including the increased demand for efficiency, data collection and service. SR Pack offer various end of line automation solutions such as transport systems, basket and box filling, vision and x-ray control, weighing control, and handling filled boxes on dollies or pallets.


Pattyn designs and manufactures automated lines using 3D vision and robotics for the packaging of all the raw, parbaked, baked or frozen industrial bakery and pastry products. This is the complete solutions to count, weigh, organise, control, fill and pack the bread or pastry products into (lined) boxes.