Biscuit / Cookies / Crackers



VMI is a mixer specialist. Their mixers are carefully engineered using the latest technology. The heavy duty mixers are available in a wide range of models to fulfill industrial needs.



Created from the accumulated experience of top companies in the industry, the biscuit plant features state-of-the-art technologies in biscuit manufacturing. A complete A-Z production line of machineries, each module is durable and made easy to use with complete automation. The biscuit plant is capable of the following:

  • Laminated Cream Cracker
  • Moulder Biscuit
  • Cookies in Depositing, Wire-cut, Encrusting, Extruding, etc.
  • Swiss Roll or Layer Cake Production Line
  • Muffin or Cup Cake Production Line
  • Stick or Lye Production Line
  • Special product


Machine Builders and Design is the worldwide leader in providing a simple and highly flexible solution to our customers. Their products range includes Cookie Capper, Traypacker, Placekeeper, Trayloader and Belt Turn. Proven reliability and guarantee to perform are features our customers can depend on.



Schur operates within packing and packaging industries focusing on customized packaging solutions in carton board, a new plug & concept of a small footprint packaging machine and pre-made, resealable bags and flexible packaging solution for pre- made bags and packaging machines.